About Us

We are a group of young designers who love creating and spreading out positive attitudes through little things in our lives like a T-shirt somebody wears or a mug someone uses for a drink at work etc.

In August 2020, we decided to open an online store ourselves after years of struggling with what we needed to do. We all believe that a business doesn’t have to compromise to create a great product at a great price. And that’s when our journey began.

Starting with one person to a group of three, we learned how to set up a store, upload designs, and make the store become alive. We moved forward step by step, gained our first clients, and have grown up since then.

Now, to absorb the Asian wave and have a broad view of how people live in different parts of the world, we also have an office in Singapore to continue our ambition with advantages from tax deduction and a favorable economic environment.

TrendyOpulent values the work we do and treasure our customers over profit. For that, we keep searching and collaborating with reputable partners and provide better services to you all.